Coyotes Fans Go Off In Town Hall Meeting... And Other News...

By Phil Cantor
Jun. 11, 2015

Some Of These Folks, Probably, Attended The Glendale Town Hall...
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Now, it gets interesting...

First here's Strombo and FOSG Elliotte Friedman discussing options... and there are a few...

Now, video is starting to appear from last night's Glendale meeting and thanks to The Score, we have some fans who were pretty irate about the whole thing... one of them is Ronda Pearson aka - a Coyotes season ticket holder who let Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers have it with both barrels.

Here's the Tweet Anthony LeBlanc sent out after the meetings last night in Glendale, which as Friedge points out, can be interpreted how you wish...

Thank you so much for a tremendous show of support tonight. We will fight this aggressively, and hockey in AZ will survive!

— Anthony LeBlanc (@anthonydleblanc)

But it does give an eyebrow-raise to the Scottsdale project.

A former NHL team owner would only speak on the condition of anonymity because he is in talks to buy a minority interest in another NHL club said that the NHL might direct the Coyotes owners to put the team up for sale, allowing new owners to start fresh negotiations with the city of Scottsdale, another suburb of Phoenix that is more affluent than Glendale.

The former NHL team owner said Scottsdale city staff might be enticed to help finance an arena if new team owners manage the relationship well, perhaps also promising to build a new practice facility in Scottsdale.

“To me, that’s the one that makes the most sense long term,” the former NHL team owner said. “You go to Glendale in the meantime and say ‘let’s avoid the legal fees over this and just agree to cut the arena management deal to three more years.'' They can probably live with that and you have yourself a bridge to a new building.'”

Here's how it played in Phoenix last night...


And here... thanks to 12News/KPNX

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