D3 Squad Walks Off The Floor To Protest Coach Firing

By Phil Cantor
Nov. 25, 2015

It Wasn't A Good Day For Athletic Department Pee-Ahr When This Happened

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it all started with the firing of a popular coach...

The William Paterson University men's basketball team decided to have an impactful protest of their own before their first game without coach Jose Rebimbas.

 as WPU forfeited their game against Ramapo

She added the following passage:

So much respect for the WP Men's Basketball team tonight, protesting the firing of their coach. Such a fantastic display of dedication. #NoJoseNoGame #WPStandsWithJose #GetCoachBack

Rebimbas had coached at WPU for 20 seasons, winning more than 380 times. He responded via Facebook to the firing:

“It is with great sadness and extreme frustration that after today I will not be coaching the basketball team at William Paterson University. WP has been my home and family for more than 20 years and yet the University has taken action to remove me from the service I love. People I have trusted and served with have defied logic and are pursing my termination because of a misunderstanding over a facility rental fee for a camp that I run.”

“These actions come despite the University hearing officer determining that termination was not warranted. The University has unfairly and illegally taken my right to coach and mentor the student-athletes I love. I am prepared to fight the actions of William Paterson University and restore my good name and that of the program.” 

In reality, the WPU players could forfeit every game from this day forward and not be penalized since the program is a Division III program- one without scholarships.

It will be interesting to see just how long the hold-out goes for the players and the program.