Dueling Alabama and Clemson Fan Hype Videos to Start Championship Week

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 04, 2016

We could only pick one photo for the header....there are two teams..
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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

Yes America it is the College Football Playoff National Championship Game week or CFNCG if you are in to acronyms...

Alabama vs. Clemson. ACC vs. SEC. Nick Saban vs. Dabo Swinney. Crimson Tide vs. Tigers. And we should add two of the most passionate and faithful fan bases in all of College Football.

And what would the buildup to a big game be without hype videos??

So instead of just one....two of them have appeared this Monday. One for Alabama, one for Clemson....

We begin with Alabama...as produced by YouTube user Main Highlights:

And the Clemson production via Son of Clemson:

Based on the videos...we say advantage Clemson. While the 'Bama video was solid it was nothing special. Just a hip-hop song with highlights cut into it.

The Clemson production: Stellar. Really well done. The music choice--Superb. The audio clips mixed in...perfect and with a message. Well edited.

Really well done Son of Clemson. This long-time Sports Video Producer approves. 

**NOTE**---In no way does this story have anything to do with a game prediction it is solely based on the criteria presented. Hype Video Production. Something we know quite well and are over qualified to comment on.

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