Florida State Settles Title IX Case With Jameis Winston Accuser

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 25, 2016

The Accuser In A 2012 Sexual Assault Involving Winston Has Settled Her Suit With FSU
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

((HT: WCTV))

Erica Kinsman had filed a Title IX lawsuit against Florida State University as she accused former quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault back in 2012. She filed it after not getting any results from a District Attorney investigation into the alleged encounter between Kinsman and Winston. 

The case has gone back and forth through various courts and multiple investigations--with Kinsman eventually gaining the right to proceed with her lawsuit.

Monday afternoon, Florida State announced a settlement with Kinsman where, according to WCTV, she is dropping her lawsuit. And while the settlement is reportedly for $950,000. Her attorneys will be getting almost all of the money. Kinsman is slated to receive only $250K for the effort. 

Several conditions were placed on the deal. One of the conditions includes FSU promising they'll increase efforts to hold Sexual Assault prevention programs at least through the next 5-years.

However it does NOT slowdown, derail or change the Department of Civil Rights Title IX investigation into the handling of Kinsman's case or any other alleged incidents.

So while the settlement may directly disengage Kinsman from Florida State, it is not likely the last you will be hearing about this long time   and forever ongoing battle. Best we can tell, the only people who are winning this now 4-year battle are the attorneys...


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