Here's How Fans Smuggled Catfish Into The Preds Game

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 21, 2016

It's An Interesting Twist To What Goes On In Detroit
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

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For those of you that don't watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on television these days, there's a tradition in Detroit where someone smuggles an octopus into Joe Louis Arena and throws it on the ice surface. Al Sobotka, the guy in charge of the ice surface and driver of one of the Zambonis, walks onto the ice and twirls the beast over his head as recognition that (before expansion) it took eight wins to win the Stanley Cup Final.

In Nashville, the tradition of throwing animals onto the ice surface took another step (and went another direction entirely) when a catfish made the ice at Bridgestone Arena. Fan reaction was understandable, but the larger question was: How...???

We now have our answer...

How these guys got the catfish stink past security is beyond the HQ...