ICYMI: Kevin Garnett Head Butts Dwight Howard

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 13, 2015

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

((Update--The NBA suspended Garnett for 1 game without pay and fined Howard $15K))

Kevin Garnett has had a long and accomplished NBA Career, but he's not always been well liked and does not always do smart things.

Garnett was tossed from Monday nights New Jersey Nets game with the Houston Rockets after he tangled with Rockets center Dwight Howard.

The two went at it after Garnett draped himself over Howard who was trying to catch a lob pass near the basket. Garnett shoved Howard and Howard shoved him back. That's when Garnett picked up the ball and threw it at the Rockets center. He then got in Howard's face, head butting him before the two could be separated.

It got worse: After being separated, Garnett tried to go back on the court after Howard before being brought under control and walked back to the dressing room. He's likely facing discipline from the NBA, at the very least a suspension and fine. 

The Rockets beat the Nets in the game 113-99.