Jameis Winston's NFL Debut: Some Good Moments, Some Not So

By Phil Cantor
Aug. 16, 2015

The last we saw Jameis Winston in a football game he was wearing the garnet and gold of Florida State and he and his team suffered a meltdown on the Rose Bowl turf.

Saturday in Minneapolis Winston made is NFL pre-season debut against the Minnesota Vikings and yes there were times he did look like a rookie in his first NFL game.

A few times he looked like the "Famous Jameis" from his FSU days.

Winston played the entire first half and his numbers weren't bad. 9 completions out of 19 passes for 131 yards 18 yards rushing and a touchdown on the ground.  Most of Winston's completions came in the second quarter when the Vikings put in their second stringers trying to make the team.

Of course Buc fans are comforted that Tampa Bays 26-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings doesn't count and that Winston has his first NFL game under his belt.