Jameis Winston vs. CNN: The Battle Over a Campus Rape Documentary

By Phil Cantor
Nov. 21, 2015

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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

Former Florida State and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston and his lawyers are not happy with the folks at CNN right now.

The reason: CNN is set to air a documentary called "The Hunting Ground". The documentary talks in detail about the problem of rape on College campuses. And it prominently features Winston's well documented issues at Florida State. Winston has not been charged with or proven to have done anything despite accusations and multiple hearings and the fact that both he and his accusers are currently suing each other in civil court. 

The film features the woman who accused Winston, speaking publicly for the first time.

Winston's lawyers filed a letter to CNN President Jeff Zucker on Friday requesting the network reconsider their decision to air the documentary Sunday night at 8pm. The letter states the accusations and suggestions made in the film are false and defamatory and does not adhere to any broadcast standard.

They are threatening to file suit against the network if it airs. 

Here's the entire letter from The Hollywood Reporter:

We should add if the Documentary is already slated to air this weekend, they aren't pulling it. It's been promoted and 2 hours is a big chunk of time to fill at the last second. So expect the legal fight to begin.

Florida State has also requested the network to not air the documentary for similar reasons. We are not aware of them making the same threats. 

We suspect the network is smiling with the hope that more reporting will be done about this so their viewership for the documentary will go up. But then again, that just might be the cynic in us talking...

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