Johnny Manziel still thinks he'll be in the NFL this coming season

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 14, 2016

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

The video you are about to see from the fine folks at TMZ Sports is alternately sad and--well somewhat pathetic at the same time.

The video shows the former Cleveland Browns and currently unemployed Manziel strolling out a night club in a town we aren't sure of with a bevy of busty ladies/models in front of him.

When it's the former "Mr. Football" turn to come out he's asked by the stalker/paparazzo "Are we gonna see you play football this year?"...Manziel says yes and then goes on to randomly say hi to some family and friends.

Maybe we will be proven wrong since their are few quarterbacks with actual talent playing in the NFL, but we think Mr. Manziel may finally have run out of NFL lives after only 2 seasons.

The alleged "alcoholic" hasn't seemed to slow down or curtail his partying ways and seems barely interested in playing football, instead being happy to just be him. This will not help show anyone if he's actually serious about playing again.

We kind of hope he will just go away--but we have this feeling that at some point someone is going to find him dead in a bar or an alley somewhere. Either that or he'll be the town drunk at the end of the bar saying "Don't you know who I am?" " I'm Johnny Football"...all at the same time the rest of us are saying---"Damn, how sad is that?"...