Kane Accuser's Attorney Is Now Ex-Attorney (UPDATED)

By Phil Cantor
Sep. 25, 2015

His Case In Buffalo Took A Shocking Turn Last Night
Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports


Citing what Thomas Eoannou said claiming he "no longer have confidence in the manner and means in which that bag came to my office," he has resigned his position as attorney for the accuser in the Patrick Kane sexual assault case.

In a press conference called last night in Buffalo, Eoannou raised concerns over how the previously-presented evidence bag came into the possession of his ex-client:

Kane's attorney, Paul Cambria, then held a press conference of his own to respond. Cambria held out the option of a civil case against the accuser if evidence points to the case being fabricated.

So, yes, a very odd last few days continued to get more and more odd...

Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita is expected to hold a press conference Friday morning.

AM UPDATE: Sedita's money quote from the ongoing presser via Twitter...

"We believe the complainant's mother has engaged in an elaborate hoax," Erie County DA Frank Sedita.

— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli)