Looks Like It's Josh Pastner To Georgia Tech

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 08, 2016

A New Voice On The Flats...? Looks Like It...
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Barring something of a roadblock in the buyout at Memphis, it looks like Josh Pastner will be the new head coach at Georgia Tech- which flies in the face of what a lot of the Tech alums wanted to have happen.

Tech missed on Bryce Drew and desperately wanted to court Mark Price from Charlotte. If not Price, there was a peek at Craig Neal at New Mexico- whose situation in and around the transfer of his son because of how the fan base is screaming at him on a daily basis seemed a natural out- but all of that has gone away.

No Drew. No Price. No Neal. No Jeff Capel. Which led to Josh Pastner...???

And the Memphis fan base seems to be not concerned about the door hitting him in the hind quarters on the way out of town. His buyout, according to Parrish, was over $10-million, and Memphis didn't have it. But outside interest isn't letting Memphis shed any tears about eight figures of scratch. Combine that with a lack of success on the floor, transfers, and declining attendance, and it means Tech is rebuilding with someone who needs one as a coach as well.

Here was Pastner in his first year as head coach on campus trying to deflect the notion that age is only a number...

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 Smith and Calkins are now suggesting Memphis fans look to Wichita State's Gregg Marshall (who won't leave because the Koch Brothers could give him any money figure he wants), VCU's Will Wade, Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy, East Tennessee' Steve Forbes, Memphis-East High coach Penny Hardaway (yes, THAT Penny Hardaway), or make a run at Duke assistant coach Jeff Capel.

And the Tiger fans will have no qualm about this rebuild- in the short term, anyway...