Mets Reliever Permanently Banned After 3rd Positive Drug Test

By Phil Cantor
Feb. 12, 2016

Jenrry Mejia Is Gone From The Majors
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

((HT: MLB their own selves/SNY))

Put in its most simple terms...

Mets RHP Jenrry Mejia permanently suspended by MLB after testing positive for Boldenone, his 3rd performance-enhancing substance violation.

— MLB (@MLB)

Mejia was in the process of serving a full season suspension for a positive stanozolol test- not once but twice in the 2015 season. The first suspension was an 80-gamer.

Here was the team's reaction at the time...

Mejia is now the answer to the trivia question: Name the first active major leaguer given a lifetime ban after a third test...

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