Minnesota Launches Investigation Into Wrestling Program

By Phil Cantor
May. 31, 2016

The Wrestling Program Is Under The Microscope

((HT: KARE-TV/Minneapolis Star-Tribune))

after it was divulged by a Minnesota wrestling team member that head coach J Robinson might have attempted to conceal an issue with his team involving the sale and distribution of Xanax among student-athletes and his own players.

said that Robinson held a team meeting in late March and said then he knew who was using and who was selling.

From the Star Tribune piece:

The source said Robinson offered to grant the wrestlers amnesty if they confessed.

The wrestler went on to say that four Gophers had compiled 2,500 Xanax pills, which they priced at $5 per pill for anyone on the team and $8 for anyone else. He said 10-12 members of the team were abusing the drug, and that the wrestlers turned over 1,400 Xanax pills and the rest went “in the river.”

The University has now announced it is pursuing an internal investigation after another player has now disputed the accusation Robinson only wanted players to write essays for punishment and not face any punishment in the legal system- either the school's or outside the university system. Now, the attorney for Robinson is fighting back with prepared statements refuting the allegations of the wrestling team member.

We will not be releasing detailed information or providing interviews while this is an active investigation, as there simply isn't anything further we can share at this time.The alleged serious behavior in our wrestling program, if true, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. At the request of authorities we initially delayed a thorough internal investigation until the University of Minnesota Police Department's (UMPD) work had concluded so as to not compromise the ongoing criminal investigation. In close coordination with UMPD, we have received approval to initiate the internal investigation, and it is our intention to fully investigate the concerning allegations involving our students and staff.

This remains an active investigation and we are committed to determining the facts before taking final action.