NHL Expansion Bids So Far Include 2 From Seattle

By Phil Cantor
Jul. 09, 2015

Coleman And Bartoszek Are Both At It For Seattle's NHL Bid

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The early rounds of submitting expansion paperwork to the National Hockey League are underway. And the early favorites are standing in line- Vegas, Quebec City, Toronto area, Seattle, and...

Well, Seattle...

Here's what Victor Coleman told Chris Daniels about having a team downtown a few months ago- where Coleman wants to build his SoDo arena in the shadow of Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field

Going head to head with Coleman is Ray Bartoszek and his suburban Tukwila bid. Campbell says Coleman has a bid packet and will have it into the league by the 20th. The $10-million application fee has $2-million of it non-refundable no matter how many people apply.

The interesting part is that Coleman wants to be downtown- which would pair him with Chris Hansen and his initial idea of having the downtown arena in the first place. Hansen wants the NBA first. Coleman wants the NHL and not the NBA.

Two more hooks- one from Campbell:

The problem for Coleman is that there is a memorandum of understanding with the city that will provide $200 million in public money for a combined NHL and National Basketball Association facility and $125 million for an NBA facility. The city has already made it clear that it will not fund an NHL-only facility to the tune of $125 million, so much of the money for a hockey-only facility would have to come from private funds. With an expected expansion fee of $500 million, the cost of building a new arena, that’s a steep sum for even those with incredibly deep pockets. 

Now, the other part is the Milwaukee Bucks...

With the NBA holding Wisconsin in an early negotiation over the Bucks and the want-slash-need for a new arena, the Bucks ownership is already using Las Vegas and Seattle as prospective new homes if negotiations fall through...

The bad for Milwaukee could give Hansen his new team in his new building after all- with as Coleman NHL team as a tenant.

But, it's early...

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