Now, We Know Some Of The UAB Money Losses If Sports Don't Return

By Phil Cantor
May. 17, 2015

The Word Of The Day For UAB Would Be "Forfeit..."
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Conference USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky has made no secret that he would like to see football, bowling, and rifle return to the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

The HQ thinks it's too much water under the bridge and too much hubris in play by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees before the new report is released in the near future.

But, if the decision by the Trustees remains in the negative- economics be damned- then the Harry Minium piece now lends some numbers to the future status of UAB athletics.

If they stay, there will be a transitional year allowed under a "suspended" status. Banowsky sent out a letter to Watts, that he presumably looked at before using it to prop up a nearby table or chair, that laid that fact out to him:

UAB was told it will be suspended when the executive committee meets June 8. Although Watts lobbied to remain in the league without football, league presidents are unanimous in saying no, sources said.

UAB would be allowed to compete in 2015-2016 as a suspended member and all of its teams would remain eligible for championships. But the school would not be allowed to share in conference revenues, estimated at $2.3 million per school in the current fiscal year.

If UAB decides not to accept its suspension, and somehow manages to find a new league home for next season, it would forfeit the $2.3 million in revenue sharing for this fiscal year. 

For the record, the HQ has long thought that the treatment of the UAB athletes, fans, supporters, and faculty has been nothing short of criminal. But there is no set of checks and balances for the Board of Trustees that has so many overt ties to Tuscaloosa activities and want to find a way to dissolve Blazer influence once and for all- a quarter century in the making.

 It's vindictive and, seemingly, has no price tag.

So, what's another $2-million for some peace...???

And, with what Banowsky is presenting UAB, there really is no motivation for them to stay in the conference for that transitional year- other than keeping the schedules in tact. It is too much of a headache to transfer out immediately and blend in someplace else in quick fashion unless someone is willing to bend over backwards to fill out grids.

Conventional wisdom is that UAB would end up in the Atlantic Sun Conference- and they would be dominant in the revenue sports. Just consider what men's hoops coach Jerod Haase was able to do this past season in the NCAA tournament. The A-Sun needs a member to replace Northern Kentucky who is headed to the Horizon League.

There will be just "less money" to be successful with for the Blazers if what we think is going to happen, regrettably, happens...

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