Obsessive Bengals fan paints his house team colors

By Phil Cantor
Nov. 12, 2015


by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

So, um, after living in the Cincinnati area for 2-years we feel comfortable calling Bengals fans a bit obsessive. Unlike the really big cities, the people who live there and even the local TV folks are totally enamored with the team, everyone sporting team colors on game days including the supposedly neutral media. It's a town that doesn't understand people that aren't from there and doesn't look kindly on anyone who doesn't express unrequited love for the home team. 

And with this years team starting 8-0, we can only imagine how crazy the town is right now. 

Which is why we snickered when stumbling upon this story. A divorced Cincinnati man by the name of Jeffery Gebhardt took his love of all things Bengals one step beyond.

Gebhardt decided to take his modest 600-foot home and show the world his fandom. He painted it Orange with black stripes.

No, really, he did. And yes if you are thinking what we are it explains oh, so many things that people who don't live there are probably thinking when they see it.

If the Bengals play like the Bengals of the past they will do really well during the season and flame out in the playoffs. Which begs the question for Mr. Gebhardt...then what do you do?

Shout out to friend of the OSG, Tony Mirones from WCPO-TV for bringing the world this story:

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