OSG High: One Of The Dirtiest Acts You'll Ever See

By Phil Cantor
Sep. 15, 2015

One High Schooler Crowned Another With A Helmet This Past Weekend
Basheer Tome/Basheer Tome

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In the Immaculata-Linden game Friday night up in New Jersey, this happened...

It's unfathomable, unexplainable, and almost a mirror of something that happened in the NFL Sunday...

Even as it happened before then...

Immaculata beat Linden 26-6 in the game, and thankfully, the NJSIAA stepped in quickly in the matter...

, it looks like the state agency will not hand down any other punishment since the Linden Athletics Department handed down a 10-day/2-game suspension on the player- whose identity has not been confirmed:

The Linden player was not ejected from the game, as the referees did not see the hit that took place away from the play. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Along with sending the video to the NJSIAA, Immaculata sent the footage to Mid-State 38 conference officials and the Linden Police Department. At this point, the NJSIAA is letting Linden handle the situation.

"They're dealing with it appropriately, and they're taking it very serious," NJSIAA Assistant Director Jack DuBois said. "It's an in-house situation, and we're removed from it completely in this regard."

Frankly, the punishment- if you ask the HQ isn't enough... but that's just us...

For the record, thankfully, the Immaculata player struck by his own helmet only needed 10 stitches and (so far) hasn't had any other after effects from the crowning on the field. 

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