Rare Braves Highlight: Inciarte tricks baserunner into Double Play

By Phil Cantor
May. 11, 2016

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil


We post this in part because we (me) are Braves fans and in part because a good highlight involving the woeful Atlanta Braves are few and far between.

Tuesday night during the Braves 3-2 loss to Philadelphia, CF Ender Inciarte pulled off a trick rarely seen. In the 6th inning, Braves trailing 2-1, Freddie Galvis of the Phillies lofted a fly ball to short right-center field. 

Inciarte fakes like he loses track of the ball--standing flat footed, arms to the side. 

Suddenly he springs to life, the ball drops into his glove and Inciarte throws to first base where Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz had drifted too far away. Ruiz sprints back to the bag but thanks to the stretch by Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, the ball beats him.

And there you have it: An 8-3 Double Play. 



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