Report: John Calipari would consider NBA job--For $120 million

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 11, 2016

Got money??
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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

To those NBA owners who think University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari could help fix their ailing franchise: Be forewarned, the price is pretty steep.

Yahoo Sports reported overnight that Calipari's representatives have let it be known their client would listen---for a price.

That price: $120 million---for a 10-year deal.

The reason this conversation has come up? The Brooklyn Nets fired their head coach Lionel Hollins on Sunday. Which creates an opening with one franchise that could actually afford the salary. Mind you Calipari coached the Nets in the mid-1990's which was an unmitigated failure. But he's THE coach in college basketball--so of course speculation is the Nets and their billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov will come a calling.

Coach Cal has also flirted with the Sacramento Kings who despite their shortcomings and strange behavior are actually a franchise in better shape than the Nets. Sacramento has some talent and a young roster with some salary flexibility. By contrast the Nets spent big for aging, past their prime players who have underachieved and are now victims of too much money for too little players.

Do we think that Calipari will eventually land in the NBA? Maybe. But someone is going to have to take a big flyer for it to happen. The price tag is immense for anyone, never mind a coach who has become a pipeline for NBA talent but has never had the success in the pros. We believe he is a perfect fit in College, Kentucky would be a great place for him to finish his career and continue as the "molder" of future stars.

But then again, money talks--the NBA has it and someone is likely to meet his price looking for a quick fix....stay tuned.

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