Shot Clock Issues For Pitt vs Syracuse

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 09, 2016

The ACC is asking, anyone know a good electrician?

The Syracuse - Pitt ACC Tournament game has been mired by clock problems, the ones over the backboards.

Three minutes were played and their were 6 play stoppages and 0 points.

According to FSOG Debbie Antonelli of the ACC Network, arena officials say a ball hit the power supply to the clocks that are located under the basket support.

If not for SU fans clapping while waiting for first field goal it'd be dead in here. Delays totally taking the air out of the place

— Niko Tamurian (@NikoTamurian)

Have any Presidential candidates promised to fix the shot clocks in Washington, D.C.?

— (@ACCSports)

Now the arena video board is frozen

— Niko Tamurian (@NikoTamurian)

More on this later....