Soccer Player Dies After On-Field Collapse

By Phil Cantor
May. 07, 2016

Romania Was The Location For An Event That Might Have Been Preventable...

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Cameroonian international Patrick Ekeng was in action for Dinamo Bucharest last night when he collapsed on the pitch...

Here's how it happened...

Ekeng died two hours later in hospital and local media are reporting that he suffered an on-field heart attack.

Digisport claimed it took two minutes and 47 seconds for Ekeng to be taken to the ambulance, which they said contained no specialist equipment and was intended to be used purely for transportation. In October 2000 the then captain of Dinamo Bucharest, Catalin Hildan, collapsed and died during a friendly game.

Romanian news outlet Digisport has reported that there was no resuscitation equipment in the ambulance that transported him to the hospital, with paramedics having to use heart massage techniques only in a bid to save his life.

Dinamo in mourning. Negoiță: "we lost one of us"

Going through some very difficult times, who scores again, drama, history attempted. Patrick was a young man gone far from home, who fought in his shirt dinamo to his family and to pursue a dream to become a great footballer. It's a nightmare, a tragedy that overshadowed the football in the world! All dinamoviștii we're grieving. I lost one of us. We are and will be joining his family Patrick, whom we support with everything we can. On behalf of all dinamoviștilor send sincere condolences to the family!", Said President Ionuț Negoiță.