The Buffalo Bills Don't Want You To See A Whole Lot Of Them At Work

By Phil Cantor
May. 24, 2016

The Word "Restrictive" Might Be Too Loose A Description...
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

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The HQ gets it, we really do, when it comes to what the Shield wants you to see and what the teams want you to see and what they don't. It's viewed as "league" content that they feel they should distribute on their own platforms as they see fit- when they want and how they want.

But the Buffalo Bills might have just blown the curve... Here's their new policy for 2016...


Basically, they don't want you to know who practiced with whom (first and second team reps and personnel), they don't want you to speculate on injuries (even if you see it happen) in closed practice sessions, and you can't have video of the injured players shown publicly- even if the session was allowed to be recorded.

You would also have to clear any social media video-taping or distribution from the locker room with Bills personnel. Anything inside a locker is off-limits and, if you're out-of-town media, you get to shoot video of press conferences and not workouts.

Got all that...??? This was a 5-PAGE GUIDELINE SENT OUT BY THE TEAM!!!

So, today's poll...

So... what say you, faithful reader...???

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