The Stanley Cup Finals vs. Garth Brooks: Who is going get arena priority? (update)

By Phil Cantor
May. 31, 2015

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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

((UPDATE Sunday night: Amalie arena and Garth Brooks issued a Press Release Sunday night with quotes from all parties. Apparently they looked into rescheduling the shows to Sunday but were unable to work that out. Brooks says he will try and come back at a later date to perform the shows if both parties can agree on a date.))

Read the entire press release from Brooks


(Original story from Sunday afternoon)--

Ooopsie. Okay, well maybe not but still a bit of a controversy is brewing in the Tampa, Florida after the Tampa Bay Lightning secured a Stanley Cup Finals berth.

It seems the Lightning, who have home ice advantage, have a bit of a scheduling conflict on June 6th, the slated date of Game 2. The same date is also reserved for a Garth Brooks doubleheader concert the same night.

We're pretty sure Mr. Brooks would pass on the opportunity to play before, during or after the game. So therefore the Amalie Arena has a bit of a problem on their hands.

To this point Sunday morning they've not addressed it.

We're guessing Mr. Brooks will somehow be convinced to reschedule are postpone the show. And really it's not the Arena's fault. They have to keep a steady flow of events coming through and they have no guarantee the Lightning would be there on the particular Saturday in question.

In fact a similar issue popped up for the Atlanta Hawks earlier in May when Game 5 of their Eastern Conference semis with the Washington Wizards was scheduled the same day as a Bette Midler concert in Philips Arena. Midler was able to delay her show a day and everyone walked away happy.

We think.

The Lightning need to figure this out fairly quickly. 6 days or less is not a lot of notice for Brooks fans. We are quite sure the Lightning will have the June 6th date. Which is great for hockey fans. But what about the country music folk who don't care for the hockey?

Well, it appears they may just have to be flexible....

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