Toledo Outscores Ark State in Go Daddy Bowl

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 05, 2015


It was a track meet masquerading as a football game. And likely it was a bowl game you may not have even known was being played on January 4th.

Toledo walked away with the Bowl Game title Sunday night with a 63-44 win over Arkansas State.

Sophomore RB Kareem Hunt was the star of the game running for 271 yards and 5 TD's. 

Arkansas State QB Fredi Knighten tried keeping up, but couldn't. Knighten threw for 403 yards and 5 TD's for his team.

But Toledo just kept running the ball. Helping Hunt out was RB Damion Jones-Moore who ran for 102 yards and 2 TD's himself. The Rockets ran for 365 yards and 7 TD's as a team.


Toledo finished their season 9-4, while Arkansas State finished 7-6.

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