UAB Football Boosters Pay To Have Survey Finished

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 23, 2015

Boosters Pay OSKR For Review Completion... Guess What They Found...?
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

((HT: , CBS Sports/Solomon))

Here's what got paid for by UAB football boosters that didn't want to be known... all 156 pages of it...

So, if you look at OSKR's report (that UAB fired the firm from completing after a week of work), it flies in the face of CarrSports version- which was the paperwork the University of Alabama Board of Trustees used to eliminate the three programs and ager a lot of people.

UAB, of course, told Scarbinsky a nicely tied together paragraph:

UAB spokesman Jim Bakken provided a statement in response to the study by Schwarz and Rascher: "The Dec. 2 announcement to discontinue football, bowling and rifle was based on the best information available at the time, but a thorough review of the data used to make that decision is important to the UAB community. UAB leadership looks forward to revisiting the decision with community input after the completion of the College Sports Solutions review, due May 15. It is the intention of UAB leadership to make the most informed decision possible based on an objective review of actual numbers."

May 15th...

Which gives the BoT enough of an opportunity to figure out a plan of action to refute UAB supporters from the resurrection of the program. The HQ can totally see them saying that "too much time has passed and there isn't anything we can do to bring the three programs back."

As long as Bear Bryant, Junior and the current Board has control of the bodies and the votes, there is not a lot that the HQ sees changing.

OSKR, by the way, is still owed over $20,000 for their work before they were fired over "bias."  

More when we know more...

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