Urban Meyer Pulls J.T Barrett's Scholarship for one term

By Phil Cantor
Nov. 02, 2015

Move over J.T Barrett
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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

By all accounts it hasn't been the best of weekends for Ohio State quarterback J.T Barrett. Ironically his bad weekend came on the heels of being named the teams starter for the rest of the season.

Which he's now not.

After his arrest for driving while impaired early Saturday morning, Barrett was suspended for a game by Head Coach Urban Meyer. This despite Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith saying that he (Barrett) did not have to be under the rules.

Meyer however is taking the issue of Barrett, who is not yet old enough to drink, never mind get behind the wheel after drinking one step further.

Barrett, a team captain, will also forfeit his scholarship for one term. Meyer will allow him to earn it back but not without community service and exemplary behavior. ((Note--That won't be cheap. Barrett's family will have to cover the cost of a semester in Columbus. Not cheap by any means))

This coming week vs. Minnesota, Cardele Jones will start the game and WR and converted QB Braxton Miller will back him up.

Meyer spoke on all of this Monday morning:

J.T. Barrett was the first topic at 's press conference. Hear him talk about his suspended QB.

— Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork)