Who should replace Les Miles at LSU? Don't ask the students....

By Phil Cantor
Sep. 26, 2016

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

Poor LSU Football. They somehow manage to lose a game they thought they won and drop to 2-2 on the 2016 season. But that wasn't their biggest problem. They now are in the market for a football coach.

After the 18-13 debacle on the Plains (at Auburn), the Tigers wasted no time in firing pariah/now former head coach and great soundbite Les Miles and his offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. And to be perfectly honest we have the same question everyone else did....Why didn't you just do this after  last season ended?

Well, the administrators in Baton Rouge didn't. And despite the heat they are getting for cutting loose one of the most successful coaches in their history, they did it at the right time. If they had let Les stay...its possible he wins just enough games the rest of the year to make it hard to fire him again.

So the school moved on it. The fired Les and named Ed Orgeron the interim head coach.

Mind you like almost every other state funded organization in the state, the University system in Louisiana has no money. But they have their Tigers by gawd.

On Sunday, LSU's Tiger TV went out and canvassed the student population to see who they think should end up as the head coach. The answers. Um, well, they were uh, different....

Yeah, um, thanks for paying attention there....

Anyway. Speculation is already rampant the Tigers will run at Houston's Tom Herrman or try and convince Jimbo Fisher to come back. Neither of which are likely to happen.

No, contrary to the students suggestion--Nick Saban isn't coming back either. 

So who is left? Well, there's our favorite---Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. There is the offensive genius but morally challenged Bobby Petrino in Louisville. And of course the ethically challenged Art Briles who was exiled from Baylor. 

Yes, the Tigers have options. Probably not the options they may like. LSU is not considered the most stable of jobs and these days no job in the SEC is safe as long as Saban rules the roost in Alabama. Personally, we'd love to see Kiffin get the job. Mostly because of the blog material he'd provide us and because he'd eventually have to take his team back to Tennessee. 

But what do we know. Maybe the LSU student base is right.