Whoa! Thomas Davis's Arm is Messed Up

By Phil Cantor
Feb. 08, 2016

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports


We've had the honor of knowing Carolina Panthers LB Thomas Davis since he was a skinny freshman walking around the University of Georgia's campus in Athens. And for whatever reason, he's always had IT.

Not IT in the definable sense but it as in everyone around him was drawn to his personality. Not a kid from a big town with a Cam Newton type aura around him, just a good dude. A leader. Someone who was willing to do whatever was needed to win and lead by example.

So the fact that Davis played Super Bowl 50 with a surgically repaired right arm that looked like this was not a surprise. It was and is totally in character.

If his teammate and QB Cam Newton ever needed an example of a PRO's Pro all he needs to do is spend time with #58. And the cynics, well you need to read what Davis says in his post.

Thomas has grown up to be a man that I'm proud to say I covered and spent time with during his college days. He gets it. He was as fierce a competitor as the Georgia folks have seen in a long, long time. 

That grew to his professional career where he's overcome 2 major knee surgeries, and this to carve out a career anyone would be proud of. And that doesn't count his off the field work with kids in the Carolina area.

Yes, he will pay the price for this injury and the others when he is older. Like it or not, football is a violent game that takes an incredible physical toll on all who play it. All of them.

Complain about the amount of money they make if you want. But don't question why they get paid. They will never live the fat, semi-healthy, unencumbered life we will. Most will struggle to get out of bed in the morning and the medical issues will never stop.

We pay our respects to Thomas Davis in this story because (a) we are proud of the man he's become and (b) because he is the ultimate example of what a professional athlete is and should be.

Bravo sir, bravo.

((Note--I also owe you an apology for calling you Odell Thurman at your pre-draft interview party at Dan Tanna's many years ago :) ))



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