AFC East Power Rankings

By Randy Inman
Sep. 02, 2014

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Thanks for checking out my AFC East Power Rankings for the start of the 2014 NFL season. I will update these Power Rankings every four games through the season. Please check my blog for Power Rankings for all the other NFL Divisions. And as always feel free to heap praise or insults on me in the comments below or on Twitter @NFLPanthersSB.


1 New England Patriots


The Patriots are still kings of the AFC East and one of the best teams in the NFL. As a Panthers fan I wonder if Belichick and Brady can get anything out of Brandon LaFell but if anyone can its them. Anytime you have Tom Brady at quarterback you are doing pretty ok and the Patriots finally seem to be getting their defense better.


2 Buffalo Bills


I really, really like the Buffalo Bills this year if they can keep their offensive players healthy which they struggle to do. I wonder about Kyle Orton getting starter money to head to Buffalo though. I thought E.J. Manuel looked pretty good for most of last year. However he did suck up the place in the preseason this year. I just like the general direction the Bills have been headed lately and their defense is better than advertised.


3 Miami Dolphins


I just struggle to buy into this dysfunctional team that gave us the bully crisis last season. I don't think the team will play hard for the coaching staff. That being said Ryan Tannehill is developing nicely and the Dolphins have a couple of nice weapons for him. The Dolphins have a middle of the road sort of defense that does not really scare anyone.


4 New York Jets


The key to Rex Ryan keeping his job will be the quarterback position and I think Rex is doomed. The Jets have made terrible front office decisions over the last two or three years and it has caught up with them. I do find Chris Johnson being a Jet interesting. If he has anything left in the tank he could help the Jets crawl out of the bottom of the AFC East.