Brandon Browner takes a shot at the Saints

By Randy Inman
May. 31, 2016

Browner takes a shot at the Saints
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Browner the former Saints defensive back had some not so nice things to say about them on social media. Browner made almost $8 million to have one bad season with the Saints after looking pretty good when he was a Seahawk.

Browner was cut by the Saints and now is back with the Seahawks. . In a reply to a message directed toward him on Instagram, Browner called the Saints "weak" and said he "took that few millions (and) ran with it," all in reference to the $5 million he received for his one season in New Orleans.Browner also wrote to "Get your weight up, when u address me," in the same message directed toward the Saints fan.

Browner is playing the injured card to explain why he had a bad season. As a Panthers fan iw as happy with Browner's play since he was the king of penalites. 

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