Bryce Johnson returns to Charlotte Sports Radio and he is bringing God with him!

By Randy Inman
Jun. 22, 2014


Bryce Johnson is returning to Charlotte sports radio with his syndicated radio show " which combines sports and faith in a very unique way. Bryce talks about faith and sports and how they can and do interact. You can check out "Unpackin It" in Charlotte on the "Truth Network" 105.7 FM and 960 AM from 1 till 2 pm.


Charlotte sports radio fans may remember Bryce Johnson who is a former WFNZ intern and also hosted the "Sports Yapp" radio show. Interesting enough the producer of that show was Chris Kroeger who now has the called "Prime Time".


I have to say a faith based sports radio show sounds interesting to me. Despite all the Duke Blue Lucifer err Devil fans, Charlotte is in the Bible Belt. It just may carve a spot out in some radio fan's listening day.


"Unpackin It" is not just a radio show it is a ministry. On a coincidental not I had just been speaking to a preacher who thinks Im ready to be "Saved" when I came inside and saw a message about the show from Bryce.  So literally 30 seconds after a preacher leaves my house I get a message about a faith based radio show, hmmm.


If Bryce Johnson is on the air talking sports of any kind I will be listening. I really liked his old show and I like Bryce who has always been a very nice guy on social media to me in the past.


WFNZ will always be king of Charlotte sports radio but I am sure I won't be the only one to switch over for an hour of Faith based sports radio. It is such a unique look at sports it will be worth checking out just to see how it works.

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