Bunker Hill High School's Marty Curtis gets 400th baseball coaching win

By Randy Inman
Mar. 01, 2016

I know high school baseball is the last thing my normal readers expect here. But Marty Curtis got his 400th career coaching win today for Bunker Hill High School in North Carolina. Bunker Hill defeated West Iredell 4 to 0 to secure the 400th win for Coach Curtis.

Marty Curtis IS Bunker Hill baseball and has been for a long time. Coach Curtis was one of my football coaches at Bunker Hill back in the late 1980's and I was an equipment manager for one season on his baseball team as well.

Congratulations to Coach Curtis on his 400th win and a well done to his baseball team as well. A good coach leaves a lasting impression on students or players and Coach Curtis certainly did that for many of us. The video is not from today's game but it was the best I could find.