Derek Carr named the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders

By Randy Inman
Sep. 02, 2014

Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders have named rookie quarterback Derek Carr the starter over Matt Schaub. Now Schaub will go back to his original role in the NFL (in Atlanta) as a backup quarterback.


Schaub has a horrible season last year with the Houston Texans and didn't impress in the preseason this year. Derek Carr showed enough to warrant beating out Schaub and will be the starter on opening day.


Carr was one of those hard to figure out quarterbacks coming into this year's draft. Some had him as one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the draft and some felt he was lower than that. He was drafted in the 2nd round this year by the Raiders.


Carr played very well in the final preseason game against the Seahawks and with Schaub battling an injury it makes sense to start Carr. Plus on a bad football team like the Raiders will no real playoff hopes Carr is the logical pick to start.


 When the rookie and veteran are close in talent and with little chance of post season play you go with the rookie to get him some experience and to see what he can offer. Schaub has no upside as his NFL career has clearly peaked.


For Derek Carr's sake I hope he has a better rookie season that his brother David did for the Houston Texans. David Carr was just abused with the Texans due to a bad offensive line and was shell shocked. He did play a good while as a backup but he never became a starter again.

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