Does Dave Gettleman want Cam Newton to leave in free agency?

By Randy Inman
Apr. 02, 2014

Does Dave Gettleman want Cam Newton to leave in free agency? The Panthers have indicated that they will pick up the 5th year option on Cam Newton which leaves him in Carolina through the 2015 season.


Gettleman didn't glow with praise of Cam Newton when he took the general manager job of the Carolina Panthers. Many expected the Carolina Panthers to sign Cam Newton to a long term during this offseason. The team IS salary cap strapped but there are ways around that if they want to resign him.


It would have been in Cam Newton's best interest financially to sign a long term deal now to get that guaranteed money rolling in just in case he gets hurt. Newton already is missing most of this offseason after having ankle surgery.


It could be that either Cam isn't sure he wants to stay a Carolina Panther. It may also be that Dave Gettleman wants Cam Newton to leave as a free agent so he can get rid of him without trading him. He can simply state that Newton outgrew the salary cap and let him ride off into the sunset.


Clearly the Panthers have not cared about giving Cam Newton much help on the offense. I do love the defense that the team has built but what is the point in having a franchise quarterback with a cruddy offense.


Now the release of Steve Smith may have actually been liked by Cam Newton. He may be tired of 89's constant chirping for the ball. But to have Cam Newton playing behind a patchwork offensive line and with a new receiving unit does not show much support for their franchise quarterback.


If the team does load up on offensive linemen and wide receivers in the draft, then maybe Cam will be more interested in staying with the Carolina Panthers. Of course he is a Panther through 2015 and can be franchise tagged beyond that which would be very expensive.


Don't worry about Charlotte not being big enough for Cam Newton. Peyton Manning made a fortune in endorsements while playing in a small market. If the team looks like a winner with a good offense around him then Newton will want to stay a Panther.