Does the Mercer upset of Duke signal the end of an era for the Blue Devils?

By Randy Inman
Mar. 22, 2014

Duke was upset in the NCAA Basketball Tournament today by Mercer. Does the upset signal the end of an era for the Duke Blue Devils? Recently Coach K has been more like everybody else and chasing one and done players. Mercer brought in a bunch of seniors and out toughed the soft, young Blue Devils. Mercer is located in Macon Georgia and hasn't been in the tournament in the last 29 years or so. They brought more fans than Duke did and outplayed them in the upset.


Even though I am a UNC fan I have to say Coach K is the best coach in the history of college basketball. Most of his success came from having tough teams of guys who played together for three or four years. Yes they flopped like rag dolls but those Duke Blue Devils were tough basketball teams.


Most of these one and done players are not tough and don't have a whole lot invested in their college teams. Everyone likes winning but these one and done players are more interesting in showcasing their talents for the NBA.


I have a feeling Coach K and probably other coaches will rely less on the one and done players. I can see Mike Krzyzewski going back to what has worked for him before. He ay recruit some people who will really love playing Duke Basketball and who want to work hard to win National Championships.


What he has been doing recently sure hasn't worked with two major tournament upsets in recent years. As a UNC fan I hope the game has passed Mike Krzyzewski by but I am not betting on that quite yet.


What I really see is coaches relying less on guys who just want to jump to the NBA and relying more on real college basketball players. Even Kentucky may be tired of fielding a team of prima donnas and decide to play some real college basketball for a change. Sonnet