Eight years of "The Mac Attack" on WFNZ in Charlotte North Carolina

By Randy Inman
Sep. 01, 2014


Today marks eight years of the Mac Attack on WFNZ. Regular readers (thank you for that) know I am all about some WFNZ sports radio out of Charlotte North Carolina.


It was eight years ago today that Chris McClain started The Mac Attack at noon on WFNZ.  When Gary Williams left to do golf television. McClain joined co-host Jim Celania and producers Travis Hancock and Colin Hoggard to do some very good morning sports radio.


Right after Chris McClain went to the morning show I interviewed him for the Yahoo Contributor Network. I will now post that interview here so Mac Attack fans can check it out. I just wanted to congratulate the Mac Attack team for eight great years of sports talk radio! Keep in mind this interview was done in 2009.



This is an interview with Chris McClain who has the morning radio show "The Mac Attack with Jim Celania" on WFNZ. I really enjoy listening to WFNZ out of Charlotte North Carolina and recently wrote an article about the radio station. In the article I kind of called out Mac for not replying to interview requests. My humble apologies go out to Mac and that communication error has been fixed.


  Mac did indeed agree to my interview request and took the time for it while getting ready to go to Super Bowl 43 in Tampa Florida. Since my previous WFNZ article there has been a programming change. Chris, Bone and Gump are taking the "Mac Attack" to the morning slot and will be joined by Jim Celania. Gary Williams from the Morning Sports Page has moved on to other opportunities in sports radio.



  The Frank and Buck show will now take over the afternoons before Mark Packer comes on with "Primetime with the Packman." What I find really interesting is that for one hour Mac, Celania, Frank and Buck will have one hour as WFNZ's "Four Horsemen" on a joint effort to bring us excellent sports radio in Charlotte North Carolina.



  I hope you all enjoy this interview with Mac from "The Mac Attack" on WFNZ and I also encourage you to give them a listen. And I would like to once again thank Chris McClain for this interview.



  Randy- How cool is it to actually have a career talking about sports?



  Mac- It is a dream come true to be able to do something you love. Even if it is peanuts and warm beer, that is a great thing. I would urge everyone to find their passion and make it a career.



  Randy- Did you pursue a sports radio career or just radio in general and just fell into sports radio?



  Mac- I wanted to be in sports radio all along. I made my first call a show when I was 7 and got hung up on by the host, after I tried to argue with him. Ever since then I had the bug.



  Randy- With the new promotion to the morning slot do you expect to have to shock collar Jim Celania?



  Mac- I was taught to respect my elders, so I hope to make my mama proud and not resort to that.



  Randy- Who was your favorite player from any sport that you have gotten to meet in person, while working in sports radio?



  Mac- Good question. I am a huge Ravens fan and got to hang with those guys when I was covering their Super Bowl 35 victory. Being in that winning locker room was a highlight no doubt.



  Randy- If you could pick any living broadcaster to co- host a show with you for a day, which would it be?



  Mac- Tony Kornheiser, I love his sense of humor. I wouldn't mind sitting in on the Howard Stern show either.



  Randy- Gump and Bone are moving to the morning slot with the Mac Attack. This tells me that you guys make a good team. How important are the producers to a radio show?



  Mac- They are very important. Everything from guests to all the production elements are their responsibility. You are only as strong as your support staff, they are my offensive linemen.



  Randy- Do you think Charlotte is a better sports town now than when you moved here?



  Mac- Certainly and I think it's only to get better as the Bobcats continue to improve and when the NASCAR hall of fame is up and running.



  Randy- Do you think Charlotte will have major league baseball in the next 10 years or so?



  Mac- I say at least 15 years and probably 20. I do believe it will happen eventually due to the insanely quick growth of the Queen City.



  Randy- Do you have a favorite frequent caller to the Mac Attack on WFNZ?



  Mac- I love them all! The Mac Attack is really like an extended community of guys hanging out and busting chops. Our resident grandpa, Doug from Lawndale does have a special place in my heart though.



  Randy- Thanks very much for your time and congratulations on moving the Mac Attack to the 6 am slot and on you baby that is on the way.



  Mac- Thanks for the support Randy, we couldn't do it without you guys listening and participating.



  I would like to add a special thanks to Chris McClain, CBS Radio and WFNZ the Franchise. And don't forget to check out "The Mac Attack with Jim Celania" starting Monday February 2nd 2009 at 6 am.


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