Greg Hardy should have a great year

By Randy Inman
Jun. 02, 2014

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Greg Hardy could have a monster year for the Carolina Panthers. Yes Hardy is facing a possible suspension for domestic violence but that will motivate The Kraken to play even harder for the Carolina Panthers in 2014.


Hardy is probably embarrassed about his off the field problems and will be wanting to have a great season to redeem himself with fans and with NFL teams. Hardy has had 26 sacks over the last two seasons so teams want him no matter his off the field concerns.


Of course those off the field issues will drive down the price teams are willing to pay for Greg Hardy's services. And it probably ended the remote chance that the Carolina Panthers are willing to sign Greg Hardy to a long term deal.


Hardy has been franchise tagged which means he will probably be a free agent next year. I don't see the Carolina Panthers resigning Hardy to a long term contract though it is possible they would tag him again.


Greg Hardy has made no secret of the fact that he wants to get paid. There is nothing at all wrong with that and its good for Panthers fans. Because Greg Hardy will be playing out of his mind to improve his value on the free agency market.


I really do think Greg Hardy enjoys football and would play hard anyway. But some teams are hesitant to sign big name free agents because some players don't play hard after they get paid.


The fact that the Panthers overall defense this year will help Greg Hardy have a great year. Star and Short are no longer rookies and will help Hardy and Johnson even more in 2014.


Kraken was one of the most popular players on the Panthers team before his arrest for domestic violence. He is a great player who is also colorful and funny. If he puts the season together I think he will, Hardy will still be popular with most fans.

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