How to get in shape for playing football

By Randy Inman
Jul. 28, 2014


How to get in shape for football depends a lot on the position you play. Different positions often require different conditioning. Running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs need to work on their speed but also endurance. Linebackers and linemen need strength as well as endurance. Pretty much all football players need to work on their endurance to be effective for 4 quarters of play



 How to get in shape for football starts with running and I advise getting the best shoes you can for this. Good shoes lessen the damage to your feet, ankles and knees while you are getting in shape for football. If you are on a school football team ask the athletic trainer or a coach which shoes would work best. Remember in your search of how to get in football shape, overdoing it can lead to injuries so take it easy at first.


 The key to getting in shape for football is to not lose strength to gain speed or endurance. You need to combine some sort of weight lifting program with your running. With less weight lifting for receivers and defensive backs than for running backs, linemen and linebackers.


 Running backs wondering how to get in football shape need some weight training to help them absorb hits and to dish them out. A fast but small running back if often injured when somebody does catch him. Again consult your coaches and or athletic trainer for a workout program suited to you and your position. Running backs need to have strong forearms to help prevent fumbles, so don't neglect those in your weight training.


 As a former lineman in high school football I concentrated on bench pressing and leg pressing when in weight training. I wanted strong legs to maintain my position on the field on defense, or to drive my opponent when I was playing offense. I wish I had paid more attention to my jogging as I wore out pretty fast and was winded.


 Nutrition also plays a part in how to get in shape for football. Think of food as fuel for a racing engine. Do you want high octane racing fuel or do you want regular unleaded? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid too much sugar or fat in your diet. Consult your doctor for help with a diet that enables you to get in the best possible football shape.


 School age players who need to know how to get in football shape should consider attending a football summer camp. Reputable camps have experienced coaches and trainers who can give you a leg up over the competition, in getting mental and physical shape for football season.