Joe Webb wins some fans and probably a roster spot with the Carolina Panthers

By Randy Inman
Aug. 30, 2014

Getty Images

Joe Webb has won over some fans during his short time with the Carolina Panthers. And it also looks like Joe Webb has won a roster spot with the Carolina Panthers, at least for now. Panthers fans on Twitter fell in love with Webb, Fozzy and Bersin during the preseason and it looks like all three will make the team.


The Panthers were probably going to keep just Cam Newton and Derek Anderson on the active roster at quarterback. But injuries to Cam and Derek great preseason play by Joe Webb have them thinking of keeping the former Minnesota Viking wide receiver, at quarterback


Webb came into the league as a quarterback with the Vikings but struggled and was switched to wide receiver. Webb joined the Carolina Panthers as a quarterback and got plenty of reps while Cam Newton recovered from ankle surgery.


Joe Webb has been called "Minicam" but I won't go that far. I remember Webb just sucking in one big game with the Vikings. But I AM a fan of Webb and I think the Panthers should and will put him on the active roster.


The problem is that when the Panthers need a spot for anther linebacker or something then Webb may get released. But Webb was a long shot to make the Panthers team and it looks like he will do it.Even if Webb is released he has shown enough to get picked up by another team who needs a quarterback with some experience and some mobility,.

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