New Orleans Saints not commenting on police shooting in their state

By Randy Inman
Jul. 17, 2016

New Orleans Saints
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

At the time of this writing the New Orleans Saints have not mentioned the police shooting in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The Saints last Tweet was about 9 hours ago showing a play made by the Saints on the field. There is nothing about the police shooting on the Saints website at this time either.

I understand that the Saints may be afraid of offending some of their fans who are anti police and money is what drives the NFL. However I am sure there are plenty of police who would appreciate a kind word from the Saints team which does have very good fans, for the most part.

Maybe the goal of the entire NFL is to avoid anything like this because he league has not commented on Twitter either. Still you have to wonder about how Saints fans feel about their team ignoring the murder of police officers in their home state.  

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