Poll Should the Cowboys give Peyton Manning a call?

By Randy Inman
Aug. 29, 2016

Peyton Manning
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Dallas Cowboys give Peyton Manning a call if Dak Prescott struggles? We know Peyton Manning didn't want to retire and played horribly last year. You have to assume that Peyton Manning after not having the stress on his body from training camp could squeeze out 6 or 7 games behind a great Cowboys offensive line.

The best play for the Cowboys is to see what Dak Prescott has and nobody but the most ardent Cowboys fan expects Prescott to dominate like he did in preseason. If Prescott just plain wets the bed in the regular season or gets hurt I think the Cowboys should consider coa Peyton Manning out of retirement.

Last year Manning struggled but he did adapt to trying to win with defense and a running game. Well the Cowboys have no defense but they will probably have the best running game in the NFL this year. Jerry Jones loves publicity and Peyton Manning don't exactly shun it himself. 


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