The Rams should hire Kyle Shanahan as their next head coach

By Randy Inman
Dec. 12, 2016

Kyle Shanahan
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Los Angeles Rams bowed to public pressure and fired coach Jeff Fisher. They had extended Fisher's contract in secret and didn't reveal that until recently. Fisher really is a dreadful NFL coach but part of that was not having a good quarterback as well.

Former Rams great Eric Dickerson who left them to get paid more, now is an ardent fan of the team. Fisher hurt his feelings and Dickerson started a Twitter movement to get Fisher fired. The interesting thing is that Eric Dickerson wants Jim Harbaugh to be the next coach of the Rams.

I don't see Harbaugh leaving the college ranks this soon but he may get the itch to be a Super Bowl winning coach one day. Harbaugh's problem is his reputation for being hard to work with which got him out of San Francisco.

I think the Rams need to hire an offensive minded coach who can get the best out of their young talent Kyle Shanahan would be my pick to coach the Rams if I was the one doing the hiring. Shanahan had Matt Ryan looking like a MVP and knows how to coach the running game and Todd Gurley. He would be my pick to try to get the most out of Goff and Todd Gurley as well as Austin who looks very overpaid right now.

Kyle Shanahan has paid his dues as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator. He knows coaching as he grew up in a coaching family. And his system would at least get the most out of Todd Gurley who hates the current Rams offense.

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