Video Best Baseball Manager Ejections of All Time

By Randy Inman
May. 10, 2015

Thanks for checking out this article that has video of the biggest baseball manager/umpire arguments of all time. I will add Youtube videos of the best manager vs umpire meltdowns in baseball history. Who don’t love to see a manager do everything but touch an umpire to show his contempt for the official? You could simply call this videos of the best baseball manager ejections of all time as well.

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You can’t have an article about baseball manager ejections without Lou Piniella and this video is of his first ejection as a Chicago Cub.

altimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver who is of course legendary has an epic confrontation with umpire Bill Haller.

Billy Martin may have been king of the ejection and getting fired by the Yankees! Here is video of Billy Martin’s last ejection.

Back in 2010 Terry Francona's Ejection Imitation got him on this list. He actually mocked the umpire’s ejection signal which was pretty darn funny.

One of these meltdown videos has several minor league manager meltdowns which are pretty good.

The next is a classic Bobby Valentine moment as he comes back into a game after being thrown out, but comes back wearing a disguise!