Video of Fans being tackled on the field

By Randy Inman
Apr. 06, 2015

Here are some videos of fans getting hit on the field or court by players. I have to admit I love to see some idiot run onto the field and get drilled by some player. These videos all involve a fan doing something he shouldn’t have and getting the crap knocked out of him.

I love the fan getting hit with a puck. This didn’t actually involve a fan running into the field of play. A fan mocks a hockey player for getting cut across the nose. Later in the game the same fan catches a puck to the face and shed some blood of his own.

In another fan getting hit video we have a guy run onto a soccer field and get beat down by security. Fans then become enraged and charge the field and attack the security people. Those crazy soccer fans!

The next one is a little tame but a 15 year old fan runs onto the field and is brought down by Green Bay Packer Brad Jones.

A drunk Red Sox fan (are there any sober ones?) gets drilled by a security guard in a tackle that would put a NFL linebacker to shame.

The next video is just a bunch of fans getting hit on the field that somebody put together.

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