Richard Sherman Believes Panthers Terrible 2016 Season Comes as a Result of Newton Taking a 12th Man Flag

By Patrick
Dec. 01, 2016

Many fans know that cornerback Richard Sherman likes to talk. He is not afraid to express his opinion on whatever subject matter comes up. This weekend the Seattle Seahawks have a big battle against the Carolina Panthers at home. The Panthers demolished the Seahawks in the playoffs last year.

Now Richard Sherman has found himself above Cam Newton and the Panthers. With the Seahawks standing at a better record (7-3-1) than the Panthers 4-7 record, he believes he can talk down to the team. Sherman is a believe in the Karma. The saying that when you do something bad or disrespectful it will come back and hurt you later.

After Cam Newton took a flag from a Seattle fan and threw it on the ground back in January, there was all kinds of talk about how disrespectful he was. How he is a thug and not a good role model.

Sherman on Cam Newton grabbing 12 flag after playoff: "I guess Karma gets you. Doesn't look like they are going to the playoffs this year.''

— Bob Condotta (@bcondotta)

Sherman now believes that the reason the Panthers are embarking on a terrible season is directly related the Cam's actions.