Students Continue to Use Cubs as Tardiness Excuse

By Patrick
Nov. 03, 2016

Hilarious "reason we're tardy" list at the kids' school this morning

— Gwen Ihnat (@gwenemarie)

It was a long World Series game last night lasting four hours and ten innings with a rain delay. The event lasted most of Wednesday night and some of Thursday morning to crown the Cubs as the winner of the World Series.

Many young Cubs fans would not miss the very important game 7 matchup, even if they had school the next day. As the fans stayed up late to watch the end of the game to witness the historic event, the tardy papers and late arrivals were piling up in the administration office.

At least they were all honest.

Hey , can we start practice a bit later tomorrow? Asking for the team! Thanks!

— Greg Olsen (@gregolsen88)

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