5 NBA Free Agents Who Can Make A Big Impact This Season

By PeytonHook
Oct. 11, 2016

Kirk Hinrich : Hinrich last played for the Atlanta Hawks last season but only played 7 minutes per game, he played for the Chicago Bulls last year as well, playing 16 minutes per game. Hinrich was only able to average 3 points per game but obviously did not play much. Hinrich has averaged 11 points per game in his career so far and just needs a chance to be back to his normal self. Hinrich plays at the shooting guard position, which normally means shooting threes. Hinrich has made 1172 of his 3122 three point shots attempted in his career, which is 38%. Hinrich has played in the league for 13 years now being drafted 7th in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. Hinrich would be a great pickup for a couple of teams. The team that I believe needs him the most is the Philadelphia '76ers. The '76ers have a very 'young' team without a major star player. The '76ers went 10-72 last year, which is obviously terrible. If Hinrich would go to the '76ers, he would provide experience and more great shooting. I'm not going to say Hinrich is going to start and score 25 points a game or nothing, but Hinrich would score at least 12 points per contest and the '76ers would do a lot better than last year. Hinrich is still a very solid player who can score points and give you solid minutes. 

Tyler Hansbrough : Tyler is still young and still learning. Since his rookie season in 2009, he is averaging 6.7 points per game in only 17 minutes of playing time per game. Tyler's best season so far was in the 2010-2011 season, averaging 11 ppg along with 5 rpg for the Indiana Pacers. Tyler would be a solid pickup for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The reason I go with the Wolves is because of their new coach in Tom Thibodeau. 'Thibs' is a defensive mastermind who can help Tyler more with his defensive skills. Thibs probably would turn Tyler into a star under his defensive system. Tyler is only 6'9 but plays at the power forward position, which is a key defensive player. Tyler would help the Wolves too, averaging 10 points a game with 8 rebounds per game. Tyler would probably come off the bench, but could turn into a star that no one would ever dream of him becoming. Wherever Tyler goes, he will have a solid season. Teams should consider picking him up. 

JR Smith : Of course Smith makes the list. He honestly should not be on this list because he should be playing for some team. Smith was great last year from downtown, making 40% (204-510) of his 3-point shots. Smith is a great talented player who will probably end up playing for the Boston Celtics this season. Rumor has it that Boston wants Smith badly and is willing to pay Smith with a 'great' offer. Smith averaged 12.4 ppg with 2 assists last season. In his career, Smith has averaged 13.2 ppg which is shocking because Smith is a great shooter who deserves a starting role. That's why he will play for the Celtics because they will start him. Wherever he goes, that team is lucky because Smith will be incredible this year. Mark my words. 

Josh Smith : Smith has not been as good since he last played for the Atlanta Hawks, averaging only 6.6 points per contest. When he played for the Hawks (9 seasons), he averaged 15.3 ppg. Smith is not starting games anymore which has hurt his stats, but a team like the Los Angeles Lakers or Utah Jazz would help him back on his feet. The Lakers need the most help of the two, and bringing Smith means a better shooting percentage for the Lakers and more points for the Lakers. The Lakers would do great with Smith, with Kobe Bryant gone - Smith will be the new 'face' of the team. Smith would start in games again and score over 15 points per game again. The Lakers and Smith would be a great thing to see for both sides. Smith is known as J-Smooth you know!

Mario Chalmers : Chalmers was released by the Memphis Grizzlies last year due his right Achilles tear diagnosis. Chalmers was traded by the Miami Heat last year to the Grizzlies, in which I thought was a bad move by the Heat. Chalmers averaged 10.3 ppg last season which is solid for a player who only played 22.5 minutes per contest. Chalmers would be a great pickup for the Miami Heat. The Heat could offer a contract to Chalmers, asking him to come back. The Heat need a good backup point guard in Chalmers, backing up Goran Dragic. Chalmers shot 33% from downtown last year, which is solid. With Dwyane Wade leaving to go to the Chicago Bulls, the Heat could use another good shooter in Chalmers. Wherever Chalmers goes, that team will make the playoffs. 

These 5 players all can make a huge impact wherever they go. Hinrich, Hansbrough, JR Smith, Josh Smith, and Chalmers will all be on a team before the regular season begins. What do you think?