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Dec. 26, 2016

Merry Christmas Rays Fans!

To this date, in the offseason we have made a handful of additions to our organizational roster. It started on November 19th before the 40 man deadline when the Mariners acquired INF/OFs Richie Shaffer and Taylor Motter. The Rays then when on and made official the release of John Lamb and Steve Geltz being DF'A. The Rays then were able to add Austin Pruitt, Chih-Wei Hu, Daniel Robertson, Dylan Thompson, Hunter Wood, Jaime Schultz, Jose Alvarado, Ryne Stanek and Willy Adames to the 40 man roster. 

The Rays then went on to non-tender the contract of 2B Ryan Brett. Brett, unfortunately missed much of the '16 AAA season because of Tommy John Surgery. A little more than a week ago the Rays went on to sign him to a minor league deal. 

Kevin Cash on the addition of Ramos:

— Tampa Bay Rays (@RaysBaseball)

On December 12th, the Rays were on the headlines when it was circulating media platforms that the Rays struck a deal with former Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos. Ramos and the Rays agreed to a 2 year, up to $18.25 million dollar deal. To add room for Ramos, C Justin O'Conner was DF'A. 

The Rays agreed to terms with OF Shane Peterson, 2B Ryan Brett, C Michael McKendry, RHP Diego Moreno and LHPs Justin Marks and Dana Eveland on minor league contracts just a couple days ago.


Jacob Faria Interview

What you feel to work for in the offseason to get better? 
A) "During the offseason I'm always looking for ways to get better, but specifically right now I'm working on strength and consistency, while doing mental workouts 3 times a week."

Highlight of your 2016 season for yourself
A) "The highlight of my 2016 was getting to Durham, I'm always thankful to be able to take another step forward in my career. Also, I have to say experiencing my first big league spring training was awesome. It was great to be able to see how those guys carry themselves on and off the field and seeing that was such a learning experience and something I will carry with me moving forward."

Was it any different when you went from being known just as a pitcher for the Rays organization to a top prospect added to the 40 man?
A) "I'd have to say the only thing that was different was the higher expectations from other people, but for me personally the game always stays the same and doesn't change at all."

Something you learned in H.S. or before getting drafted that you've kept in your mind as your career has progressed. 
A) "Something I learned in before getting drafted and even before high school was just to have fun and never get to down on yourself because when it comes to it it's just a game."

-What is in your arsenal of pitches? What is your goal every time you 
get on the mound, may it be grounders or just striking guys out or both?
A) "My arsenal of pitches is a 4 seam fastball, a change up, curveball, and cutter. My goal every time I'm on the mound is just to get the guy out however I can. I trust the guys behind me which makes it easier for me to attack hitters and just throw strikes."

Getting to know Jacob (Holiday Edition)

-Favorite holiday movie/show
A) "My favorite holiday movie is Elf."

Favorite food to eat during holidays (maybe you don't eat throughout rest of year)
A) "My favorite food to eat during the holidays is my girlfriend's grandma's tamales."

Growing up favorite player and why 
A) "Vladimir Guerrero was my favorite player for awhile when I was growing up but when I focused more on pitching it was Jared Weaver. I grew up an Angels fan and had season tickets so getting to watch those guys play was awesome."

What has driven you to be the person you are today and where you are today 

A) "The way I was raised played a big role in where I am today and my drive. Both my grandfathers came to America, one from Portugal, the other from Cuba, and they both had to work for everything they had. Growing up around them really showed me how to work hard for something that you want."

Favorite thing to do during the offseason
A) "My favorite thing to do during the offseason is just to hang out with my family and girlfriend. I'm always away so being able to get the time to spend with them is great."

I want to thank Jacob Faria first and foremost for taking the time to answer some questions during these holidays. Follow him on @JDFaria36, he is a special talent and someone that we must be very thankful to have nonetheless.

I also want to THANK YOU ALL RAYS FANS for taking some time to read my blogs throughout the whole year. 


And as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on not only what I just blogged about but any thing Rays!

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Happy Holidays to everyone from Rays Nation, until next year!,
Peter Amalbert from @RaysNation_



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