Formula One - The Race of Today

By richardbeese
Oct. 25, 2016

Richard Beese is a sports lover and he also has great interest in racing sports. Being a sports fan, Richard Beese always watched every kind of sport. He just loves to watch Formula One racing.

F1 Racing is the It is the single-seat auto racing that is announced by the Federation International Automobile (FIA). It is also known as Grand prix. The formula one racing cars are the fastest racing cars in the world with speeds of up to approximately 380 km/h. Richard Beese describes this game as -

Evolution of Formula one race –

The Formula One series was originated with the European Grand Prix Motor Racing.

In 1906 - Grand Prix racing began in this year and with time it became the most popular internationally.

In 1950 - The FIA Formula One World Championship has been the premier form of racing since the inaugural season in 1950.

In 1996 – There were the changes in the qualifying session. The Friday qualifying session was changed to a single qualifying session that was to be held on Saturday afternoon.

In 2004 - The qualifying Friday session was moved to Saturday.

In 2006 – The qualifying session takes place on Saturday afternoon, that’s too in a three-stage "knock out" system. It was basically divided into three sessions with short breaks between them.

In 2016 – Total Eleven teams are entered for the Formula One World Championship. Each team entered with two cars so there would be total of twenty two cars.

Richard Beese says that the Formula one race is based on pointing system. The winner is declared by counting the points. This system is being used from 1950. The driver and the constructor with the most points at the end of the season are announced as world champions. Richard Beese finds this game very interesting and exciting. He describes the main process of Formula one race as –

• The race begins with a warm-up lap, also known as formation lap. This process actually helps the drivers to check the condition of the track and their car. It also gives the tyres a chance to warm up, that further helps to increase traction.

• After the warm up process all the cars formed on the grid. In the next step, a light system above the track indicates the start of the race. There are some cases due to which the procedure will be restarted as –

- In case of a driver signaled by raising his arm

- A serious accident

- Some other Dangerous conditions

Richard Beese enjoys watching Formula one race all the time. He suggests everyone to watch this game as it is a very exciting game. Risk of life is there which actually makes it more thrilling. He believes that it’s an awesome experience and everybody should have it.