Aaron Rodgers Turnaround Could Spell Trouble for NFC North Opponents

By RivalrySports
Nov. 11, 2016

The Packers offensive line has been  nearly unstoppable since they released Josh Sitton and went forward with a younger core group. They have built a solid fortress around Rodgers time and time again, which has allowed the quarterback plenty of time to survey the field and has given him a decent route to escape when opposing defenses starts to get pressure and the pocket begins to collapse.

For some reason that didn't seem to make any difference in the first five games of the year while Rodgers struggled to connect with his receivers and could only manage 1,126 passing yards for 10 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Ironically, most quarterbacks in the league would be fine with those numbers but not AR-12.

This guy is a perfectionist on the field and it's shown in the past with the way he has carved up defenses with the precision of a surgeon. Rodgers' pristine averages and ridiculously low interception totals, show how much he has mastered his trade since the Packers drafted him twenty-fourth overall back in 2005. For some reason all of that changed in the middle of last year and Rodgers had been struggling ever since. During the last three games, however, it's looking like that is about to change again, right when the Packers need it the most.

After starting out the season 4-2, the Packers have hit a rough patch and watched their record fall to .500. It's only the halfway point of the season and hardly time to panic, even at 4-4, for a team known for doing its best work with its back against the wall. However, it is Green Bay and the fans don't tolerate anything but the best, so it's good that his numbers have been on the upswing the last few weeks. Rodgers has busted out for 869 passing yards, to go along with 10 TDs and only 1 interception. 

Now the only thing he has to get back is that killer instinct that used to strike fear into his opponents heart and paint a smile on the faces of his fans. He'll do it by once again trusting his receivers to make the plays and this upcoming game against the Titans should help him since Tennessee seems to play right into the Packers strengths.

As long as they win, the Packers could find themselves in a tie for best record in the division, with plenty of time to runaway with it over the next eight games.

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